Machine heads are a sensitive part
of any stringed instrument.

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Forever in tune

Each step and detail as well as each coupling and tolerance have been strictly designed, tested and obtained, seeking the extreme precision and absence of backlash, all harmonized in a hi-tech design made of great value and essential lines.

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Built to perform

Each component is designed to guarantee high functionality, performance and durability. Our laboratory tests are carried out under double load conditions, at a faster pace compared with the normal use: subject to 50,000 rotations of the string winding shaft and after 1 million rotations of the leadscrew, the components do not show signs of wear.

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Minimal and functional

Essential lines typify a soft design with a hi-tech style, very pleasant to the touch and sight. Design and functionality blend harmoniously in the choice of surface coatings, enhancing the simplicity of shapes and the high performance of mechanical sliding.



Engineering skills

Precision and stability entail planning and technological processes at the highest levels that only solid engineering skills can guarantee.

Machine heads

Mechanical precision

Thanks to our passion and long-time experience in the field of precision mechanical engineering, we developed a new high performance system, extremely durable, unique and with very remarkable technical and aesthetic features.

Machine heads

Video Machine head gearing