Machine Heads

Our pieces are designed to guarantee impeccable performance, regardless of use and time, also thanks to the PVD anti-wear coatings normally used in racing and aerospace.




AISI 303 Stainless Steel

Entirely made of austenitic stainless steel, Ktar machine heads ensure solidity, non-magnetism and no deterioration due to oxidizing agents such as detergents and sweat.


We selected four precious kinds of wood in different shades which can be combined with the finishes and woods of your instrument: Ebony, Ziricote, Madagascar and Cocobolo.
Other options are available on demand.


Available in black coating and steel finish: two solutions that are perfectly adaptable to any type of guitar and easily  customizable with our range of wooden knobs.




Technical essence

All parts are designed and built with geometric and dimensional tolerances specific to high-technology sectors such as automotive and aerospace: the result is absence of backlash and no signs of wear. Ktar machine heads are equipped with extremely precise couplings, obtained from high quality industrial processes.



Orders and Contacts

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